What can our mileage logbook help you with?

We can take a logfile from your GARMIN and turn it into a reimbursement claim or tax deductions, saving you thousands of $, or every year.

How can it make my mileage logbook?

Did you know that your GARMIN keeps a log of all your driving? (see full list of compatible GPS units) This log is what makes our software special!

When you plug in your GARMIN to your computer, our software takes the log file and turn it into a complete overview of your driven routes, calculates your reimbursement, and give you a PDF formattet mileage logbook, complete with driven miles, start and stop destinations, dates and all the other information you need to give a proper documentation. (see example)

When you drive with your GARMIN turned on in your car, you automatically record your trips. You can import these trips into our product by connecting your GARMIN to your PC, and run our software. When you do that, you get a complete overview over all your recorded trips, and we make it easy for you to turn all this info into a mileage report suited to fit the needs of your country.

Which GPS units can you use?
see full list of compatible GPS units

What kind of mileage report will you get?
see example of a basic mileage report

see mileage report example with odometer readings and details