What kind of useful information do we provide you with?

route from a mileage logbook

To satisfy the requirement of local tax-departments and employers we have made a simple way of documenting your trips. The documentation is uniform, and gives you more money through reimbursements or tax deductions than your normal manually written mileage logbook.

Without you having to do anything, we provide you with the following;

  • Miles driven on the actual route (and not just the shortest one)
  • The closest address to where you have started your journey
  • The closest address to where you have ended your journey
  • The reimbursement you have accumulated on your journey

Example of information from the mileage logbook

Date From To Distance Rate Reimbursement
2009-01-03 4593 17th Avenue
Queens, NY 11204
748 Communipaw Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07304-1708
29,6 mi 0,55 $ 16,28 $

300 GPS cordinates from your GARMIN ? 29.6 miles / 16.28 $ in reimbursement

That is 16.28$ reimbursed for just one trip!

But it gets even better