The mileage logbook for your GARMIN - Autolog LITE

It is only a matter of minutes from when you plug in your GARMIN unit to when you have a complete reimbursement claim for your employer.

Autolog LITE is especially developed to help those GARMIN users which can get their driven business miles reimbursed by their employer or through a tax deduction.

  • It minimize the hazzle of doing your mileage logbook
  • It saves you time in the making of the mileage logbook
  • Gives you great documentation, which your employer or local tax department will love

The software takes the recorded logs from your GARMIN unit, and turns it into an overview of all your driven routes. It then takes all the selected business routes, calculates your reimbursement, and turn it in to a full report. This report has both routes, mileage, destinations, calculated reimbursement, and all the other needed information, and you get the report in either a PDF format or for print, ready to hand in to your employer.

Calculates your reimbursement
Your reimbursement is calculated both for each route and as a total at the bottom of each mileage logbook. The reimbursement rates gets updated each year with automatic software updates.


Intelligent private/business filter
The intelligent filter separates your business trips from your private trips. This is done by analyzing you work hours and your start and stop destinations.


Autolog LITE for your GARMIN is a simple solution when you need to keep track of the miles you drive in the line of business.

Only few people notice how much time they spend on compiling a mileage report. Facts are, that most people use more than two and a half hours a month!

With Autolog LITE for GARMIN these hours may be saved for other tasks. If you compare the price to how many hours you would normally spend on it, or how much reimbursement you miss out on by not keeping a mileage logbook, you will probably find that Autolog for GARMIN delivers good value for money!

System requirements


a compatible GARMIN unit

Operating systems

Windows 2000 Service Pack 4
Windows XP Service Pack 2
Windows Vista

Unfortunately it does not work on a Mac OS!

Other details

.NET 2.0 Framework (if you don't have it, or are not sure you have it, our software will install it for you)

Compare our two products

Here you can compare our two products. Different countries have different needs and requirements, and our two versions are created to satisfy those requirements and needs. Our PRO version can be used in all countries, but our LITE version are created for those countries with very basic needs. Look below to see all features of the two versions, and our recommendations for different countries in the bottom of the table.

Product features:
Mileage logbook displaying driven business mileage
Automatic calculation of reimbursement
Work hours filter for filtering out private trips
Backup function for you logbook data
Email support
Syncronization of mileage logbook with odometer
Displaying routes on Google Earth
Displaying addresses on Google Earth
Export of addresses to you GARMIN unit
Displaying distribution between private and business mileage
Displaying distribution between private and business mileage
Timeregistration report
Transport report with arrival- and departure times
Country specific recommendations:
USA This product can also be used in this country, but is not required
United Kingdom This product can also be used in this country, but is not required.
Canada (employees) This product can also be used in this country, but is not required.
Canada (self-employed or partnerships)
Australia (below 5.000 km a year) This product can also be used in this country, but is not required.
Australia (above 5.000 km a year)
Denmark (employees) This product can also be used in this country, but is not required.
Denmark (self employed)

Software compatible GARMIN units

Garmin Nüvi 205 series:*

205, 245, 255, 265, 275, 285

Garmin Nüvi 500 series:

500, 550

Garmin Nüvi 700 series:

710,750, 755, 760, 765, 770, 775, 785

Garmin Nüvi 860

Garmin Nüvi 5000

All Garmin Nüvi 1200 series

All Garmin Nüvi 1300 series


All Garmin Nüvi 1400 series

All Garmin Nüvi 1600 series

All Garmin Nüvi 2200 series

All Garmin Nüvi 2300 series

All Garmin Nüvi 2400 series

All Garmin Nüvi 2500 series

All Garmin Nüvi 3400 series

All Garmin Nüvi 3500 series

All Garmin Nüvi 3700 series

Garmin zümo series:

500, 550

Garmin nüLink:

1695, 2390

 * But only if the GSP unit has Ecoroute installed (it is a free add-on from Garmin!). Se full list of EcoRoute compatible products here

Most new GARMIN units are compatible. If you are in doubt, please feel free to contact us at