Rules about mileage logbooks

Most countries have reimbursement rules for reimbursing car expenses if you use your privately owned car for business purposes.

Some countries have specific rates defined by the government, others have rates covering the tax deductions earned per driven mile. Without proper documentation, you and your employer can get severely penalized when audited if you have claimed undocumented reimbursements. 

Proper documentation is key!

Without proper documentation meeting the documentation requirements for your country, you can be in serious trouble. Your reimbursement claim can in worst case be deemed void, and you will have to pay back the reimbursement and/or will be fined.

What rules do you have to follow?

All countries have different rules for how the reimbursement takes place, what rates should be used, and what kind of documentation that is required. If you are interested in learning more about the rules in your country, we have written articles explaining the rules for those markets we currently have adapted our product to. If you wish to see how our product can help you meeting these requirements, either visit our features site, or try our product today.

Looking for the rules of a specific country?

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