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First Option - Download the newest version of the software

Should you, against all odds, have any issue with our software, the the first step will be to make sure you have the newest version of our Autolog mileage logbook software.

Second option - Look through our FAQ

It it did not help to download the newest version, please look through our FAQ below. If no suitable solution to your issue can be found, please enter your details and a thorough description of your problem at the bottom of this page.

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There are not always an address where I stop. Can it help keeping track of that?

If there is no official address in the location where you park your vehicle, then the route will still be registered, but the software will not be able to automatically assign an address. You can manually add the GPS-coordinate to the list of addresses in our software and name it. It will then automatically assign that name the next time you visit that location.

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What happens if I stop for gas? Will it start a new route?

Depending on how long your stop is, our software registers it as a start on a new trip. The default is 5 minutes, but the interval can be changed. If our software registers it as two different routes, and you want it to count as only one route, then you can easily join the two routes by marking them and right-clicking on either one of them. Then you have the option to join the two routes.

Expert: Autolog support division
Question asked by: Jim / Canada
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Does it work for Windows 7?


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Does it work for Mac?

Unfortunately we do not support Apple's operating system at the moment. But we are told that it works perfectly when using some of the Windows emulators for Mac.

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Why is there a yearly license?

Unfortunately we have expenses every time you add a route to your mileage logbook. Converting GPS-coordinates from your GARMIN into addresses for your mileage logbook is something which is a big expense for us. Without a yearly license attached to our product, we simply would not be able to deliver this product with its features.

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I did not receive an email containing a trial product key

If you did submit your correct email, please look in your email spamfolder for our mail. Once in a while our mails gets mistaken for being SPAM. We are continously working on making sure this do not happen, but once in a while it happens.

If you are still missing your product key, please send us an email containing your details, and we will manually resend your product key. Send it to

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Help - I've lost my product license!

Don't worry. Your just need to submit your email address here, and then you will receive an email shorty with your license in it.

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Where do I download the newest version of the software?

It is very simple, you download it from here.

Third option - Contact our support-department

If no suitable solution to your issue can be found in the FAQ or by downloading the newest version, please send us an email to containing your details and a thorough description of your problem. Our knowledgeable support-staff will then help you with your issue.